The Full Make-up Diploma Course

Code: MU08
6 Week IMA Foundation/Fashion/Photographic/Hair/Media & Special Effects Make-up Diploma.

The ultimate course for those who are serious about a career in high-fashion and Media Make-up Artistry.

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Full Make-up Diploma Course
Code: MU08
6 Week IMA course: Beauty & Bridal, Fashion, Photographic, Hairstyling, Media & Special Effects Makeup Diploma.

The ultimate course for those who are serious about a career in high-fashion and Media Make-up Artistry. This course will take you through all levels of make-up application from beginner to advanced and pro as you learn variations that cover Beauty, Bridal, Fashion and Photographic, Theatre & Stage, Special effect make-up & Hair Styling Diploma Course.

This is our best selling course as students enjoy learning about all aspects of make-up artistry allowing them to have plenty of work opportunities in the industry. It gives you the tools and experience you need to choose an area of specialty in the industry.

Train from London College of Make-up, offering the most recognized make-up qualification by recruitment companies in the Middle East.

You will learn from Global guest artists on the course, to receive training in various skills and techniques.

Graduates get access to our aftercare scheme such as free masterclasses, job opportunities and many brand discounts.

It is suitable for beginners and experienced artists requiring a refresher.


The course covers:

1- Beauty & Bridal Make-up:

  • Hygiene, health and safety.
  • Product research and awareness.
  • Brushes and tools knowledge.
  • Market and business awareness for the beauty & bridal industry.
  • Portfolio building knowledge and skills.
  • Full client consultation: skin analysis, face, eye & brow.
  • Skin types and conditions.
  • Skin care products.
  • Skin preparation: cleansing, toning, moisturizing and priming.
  • Colour-wheel theory and Colour correction
  • Choosing and application of foundation & concealer.
  • Learning about textures: cream, powder, matte, satin, shimmer, gloss, pigments and glitter.
  • Understanding the science behind mixing textures
  • Anatomy & Contouring: facial geometry and bone structure.
  • Powder application.
  • Cream and powder blushers.
  • Sun kissing/bronzing, shading, and highlighting in cream and powder.
  • Application of eye bases, eyeshadow makeup & blending.
  • Eye techniques: Day, Smokey, Cut-crease, Colour blocks.
  • Eyebrow products and eyebrow shaping with make-up
  • Liners and mascaras.
  • Application of false lashes both strip and individual.
  • Lipstick application.
  • Natural, medium and full coverage Make-up.
  • European Bridal Make-up.
  • Arabic & Asian Bridal Make-up
  • Mature Skin
  • Men’s Grooming
  • Theory and practical exams.

2 - Creative & Fashion Make-up:


  • Fashion product research and awareness.
  • Brushes and tools knowledge.
  • Market and business awareness for the Fashion industry.
  • How to set career goals and market your services.
  • Portfolio building knowledge and skills.
  • Facecharts.
  • Catwalk make-up and backstage etiquette.
  • Editorial & Photographic Make-up.
  • 1960s vintage Twiggy make-up.
  • 50s vintage make-up : Marylin Monroe’s iconic look.
  • 20s vintage Make-up.
  • Eyebrow concealing/blocking.
  • Graphic eyeliner.
  • The effect of lighting on make-up.
  • Monochromatic make-up.
  • Holographic make-up.
  • Stencils
  • Color Photographic photo-shoot.

3- Theatrical and Media Make-up:

  • Health & Safety
  • Product knowledge
  • Airbrush Make-up: Airbrush product types, equipment and tools
  • Airbrush Make-up: How to use, clean and look after an airbrush machine
  • Airbrush Troubleshooting.
  • Airbrush Make-up: PSI (understanding air pressure) and air pressure exercises. 
  • Airbrush colour mixing and adjustments.
  • Application of foundation, concealer, blusher/contour and eye make-up using an airbrush machine
  • Airbrush body art and layering.
  • Working with stencils and body art prints
  • Cleaning airbrush guns.
  • Body Painting
  • Geisha Stage face painting Makeup
  • Kabuki Stage face painting Makeup
  • Social Media & Marketing class: how to establish successful social media platforms for make-up artists.
  • Black & White photoshoot

4 - Special Effects Makeup:

  • Health & Safety for Special Effects.
  • SFX product knowledge.
  • Usin latex, silicone, adhesives and gelatin.
  • Realistic colour choice and texture effects.
  • Keeping accurate processes of injuries/characters.
  • Casualty make-up: bullet wound, open bleeding wound.
  • Old age make-up.
  • Hair effects: False beards & moustaches / stubble.
  • Cuts, bruises and scarring.
  • Burns to third degree.
  • Spots / Blemish.
  • Pigmented Mole with hair.
  • Severed Finger.
  • Cold Sore /Scab.
  • Sweat and Sunburn.
  • Slit wrists and slit throat.
  • Character make-up with body work.

5 - Hair Styling

  • Hygiene and Safety.
  • Basic Hair Chemistry.
  • Hair tools, equipment and accessories.
  • Hair styling product knowledge.
  • Plaits – Three Strand, French and Fish Tail.
  • Blow Drying.
  • Hair Straightening.
  • Create root lift and curl.
  • Roller set.
  • Pin curl and Rag sets
  • Tonging / electrical curling
  • Setting hair.
  • Hair finishing and texturizing
  • The Perfect Pony Tail.
  • Twisting and pinning hair.
  • Preparation for putting hair up.
  • Dressing long hair – Chignon, Classic bun.
  • Back combing/brushing.
  • Beehive hair style.
  • Bridal updo.
  • Types of hair pins and correct use
  • Hair Assessment
  • During the IMA course, you will be required to complete a portfolio/file and sit an examination which you must pass at 80% to gain your qualifications. An external examiner will come from London to evaluate the students in practical and theory tests.
  • IMA accreditation Exam: Is during your course.
    No need to come again on later date to do the international exam.

The International Make-up Association

  Dates & Timings:


  • 6 Weeks – Full Time Course.
  • From: Monday To: Friday (9:30 Am – 05 PM)
  • IMA accreditation Exam: Is during your course.
    No need to come again on later date to do the international exam

  1. Start: (08 January 2024), End: (16 February 2024) Fully Booked
  2. Start: (19 February 2024), End: (29 March 2024) Fully Booked
  3. Start: (16 April 2024), End: (27 May2024) Fully Booked
  4. Start: (24 June 2024), End: (02 August 2024) [Register Now]
  5. Start: (05 August 2024), End: (13 September 2024)
  6. Start: (16 September 2024), End: (25 October 2024)
  7. Start: (28 October 2024), End: (10 December 2024)


You will receive the following items by the college for your course:

  • All Make-up Products are supplied by College.
  • Free 12 Piece Professional Brush-Set.
  • Registration with IMA.
  • IMA Make-Up Application Book (Red).
  • IMA Fashion/Photographic/Media Book (Green).
  • IMA Course Notes Book.
  • IMA Examination.
  • Portfolio Building (2 Photo-shoots with Professional Models).
  • No Hidden or extra fees.

Total Course Cost: AED 25,000
Early-Bird Discount: AED 18,000

Offer: Save AED7,000 with Early-Bird Discount.

(*) Excluding Taxes



  • No previous experience required.
  • Casual dress code.
  • A good Level of English is required.
  • You are only required to bring your own set of professional make-up brushes.
  • You will practice with a class-mate therefore you must be willing to have make-up applied on you as well as applying it to others.
  • Photographic evidence of make-up will be required for all students.
  • The minimum age for entry to this course is 18 years – no exceptions.
  • There is no upper age limit.





1- IMA Make-up Application Certificate.

2- IMA Fashion, Photographic and Media Make-up Diploma.

3- IMA Diploma in Dressing Hair. 

4- LCM Asian & Arabic Makeup Certificate.

Accredited by: KHDA

Dubai, United Arab Emirates



All the Make-up is supplied by the College

At LCM we only use the best of products and equipment in the industry to provide you with the finest learning experience. A vast range of top make-up brands are supplied for class use.  Learn more!

Student Discounts

  1. MAC Pro Card: Once you finish your make-up course and receive your qualification, you will be eligible to apply for a MAC Pro Card which offers a 40% discount.
  2. Kryolan Discount Card: Once you finish your make-up course, you will get a customized Kryolan Discount Card which offers a 20% discount on all the SFX Make-up products.
  3. Dermalogica, 15% discount for LCM Students.

College Location & Facilities

  • Our college is located in the heart of Dubai Knowledge Park. It is an educational free trade zone campus that provides facilities for training and learning institutions.
  • It is easily accessible by Metro (10 mins. walk )
  • It is easily accessible by Tram ( 3 mins. walk )
  • It is easily accessible by Bus ( 1 mins. walk )
  • Valet Parking services & Street Parking are also available. 

Portfolio Building (2 Professional Photo-shoots)

During the course you will have one Studio Color photo-shoot and one Monochrome photo-shoot with Professional Models. Teaching the high standards of working professionally in a studio environment.


Career Opportunities

1- LCM is the only college providing work opportunities for our graduates with MAC cosmetics and many other retail brands, to become retail Makeup artists in the UAE. After the successful completion of your course with the College, LCM will forward & recommend your name to apply for a full-time role with brands in the UAE.

2- LCM offers work experience through our close connections with the Beauty industry, Fashion shows, Magazines, TV, Dubai Opera, and many more.

3- We have a variety of contacts to who we forward the details of our students to once they finished the course.

4- The graduates will be contacted directly by the company/employer if there is any job placement with them and for their recruitment. The employers are responsible for selecting the appropriate candidates.

5- You will get access to the private Group of “London College of Make-up Careers” on Facebook.

6- Internships for Top graduates with London College of Make-up.

Our Qualifications are truly international

We provide an industry benchmark for make-up artists and those who want to employ make-up artists.
Most fashion make-up houses who employ pro staff would require a recognized independent qualifications to show that the employee has the standard level of understanding in hygiene, application and client care.

How To Register for this Course

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Note: The college takes bookings on a first-come first-serve basis and seats are only booked once a payment is made.


Call For Inquiry

+971 4 454 7 686


Fill out the E-form and submit it online.


To complete your booking please pay a 50% deposit of course fees, Payment can be made by any of the following:

  • Online Payment Link by: Visa or MasterCard (Debit/Credit) cards
  • Bank transfer / Account deposit.
  • ATM cash deposit.
  • Cheque payable to: “London College of Make-up FZ-LLC”.
  • Cash payment – at the college.


Approval & Confirmation:
Once your application has been approved and we received your payment, we will reply to you with a confirmation of your booking.

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